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Abstract Series Landscape
Ventetian Plaster and Oil on Board
Abstract Series
Venetian Plaster and Oil on Board
71.5"X 71.5"
Sun Valley
Venetian Plaster & Oil on Board
76" x 48"
Red Abstract  Faces
Venetian Plaster & Oil on Board
71" x 15.5"
Abstract Series  Blue/ Yellow
Venetian Plaster & Oil on Board
77" x 16"
Tribute to Monet
71" x 68"




In 2010, Kristof began painting in a completely different style, using an alternative method, medium and subject, than he had in his past. He picked up his pallet knife, in addition to the brush, and embarked on a creative journey, departing from his oil and acrylic mediums on canvas, depicting sports figures, still life's and landscapes, to produce his new creation, The Abstract Series. This modern style of Abstract Impressionism, and Expressionist work employs a stunning new medium utilizing Venetian Plaster on board, with inherent Oil Pigments. The subject's that most deeply move him include the Colorado Mountain landscapeAspen trees and waterscapes of various types and artistic influences. Kristof is a prolific painter who is continually expanding his approach. His inspiration comes not only through his personal life experiences but the modern masters including Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Paul Cezanne ,Robert Motherwell and Gerhard Richter are reminiscent in his work.

Utilizing the challenging medium of Venetian Plaster with inherent Oil Pigments, gives his work depth, texture and a rich organic feel. Venetian Plaster, was used as far back as Roman times, but was made popular once more during the Renaissance 500 years ago in Venice. It is primarily composed of crushed marble and lime putty, which can be tinted to give a vast array of colour. Kristof’s distinct color pallet inflicts a rich and complex outcome. Each variation infused into the plaster, is applied with dissimilar quantity and never measured. His extemporaneous and emotional inspiration draws from a deep raw energy that translates into a poetic motion of his pallet knife. With the intricate texture of the plaster, it proves difficult to reproduce the same piece, only the essence can be achieved in a second attempt. It is simply impossible to reproduce. His paintings evoke intense feelings of mystery, ambiguity and secrecy. His bold use of color, texture
and pastels coupled with his innate raw energy are the signature marks of this Colorado-based, international artist.

In 2008 The US Tennis Association, chose one of his paintings commissioned for Andy Roddick, as the official Poster for the Davis Cup. In 2010 and 2011, the Roaring Fork Polo Club, commissioned the official posters for their annual World Snow Polo Championship, held in Aspen, CO and the Rocky Mountain Polo Championship (Summer) held at the Roaring Fork Polo Club, in Newcastle, CO. His works have also been chosen for display in the St Andrews Golf Club in Scotland, UK and, most notably, his paintings are on permanent display in the Offices of the Chief of the

Kristof began his artistic career in Warsaw, Poland where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and graduated in 1982 with a Masters Degree in Graphic Design. He worked as a graphic designer in Europe and developed his skill, as a fine art artist.

An avid sportsman, former professional athlete and member of the Polish National Sailing Team, that competed in the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany, Kristof naturally gravitated to painting images of the sports he is passionate about; sailing, skiing, equestrian polo and tennis.

The Polish Postal Service saw his work on exhibition and commissioned Kristof to design sports related images for national stamps. He was a prodigy in the European art world and honored with 25 one man shows in Poland's largest cities, in Germany, and in Finland before he reached the age of 18. His training also came from the Escole Messana Art School in Barcelona Spain and on many artistic pilgrimages which took him to capital cities throughout Eastern and Central Europe. By this time, he had built an ardent following of private collectors, primarily in Europe.

He characterizes his brush strokes as representations of motion and emotion. When questioned about his decision to uproot his family, his wife and two young children, even though he was gaining wide expectance in Europe, Kosmowski comments regarding immigrating to America, “ This is an expansive country and offers unlimited scope for an artist to gain recognition. There may be artist lofts and studios on every corner, but I have confidence that my work will find a place in America’s heart.” Kristof and his family relocated from Europe to the US in 1988 where they settled in Florida until 2008 and now reside in Colorado, where he finds inspiration to create and expand his God-given talent.


1972- 1977 Building Ingenifor School : MA ,Warsaw Poland.
1980 Escole Messana Art School in Barcelona Spain
1977 -1982 Academy of Fine Arts ,Graphic Design: MA ,Warsaw Poland.

Major Individual Collectors:

Marek Celej, Attorney General of Poland
Ryszard Kalisz ,Vice-President of Poland
Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs
Richard Petty , NASCAR
Andy Roddick US Tennis Professional
Dr Mark Clatworthy M.D., Auckland, NZ
Dr John and Mindy Walton M.D. Tulsa
Dr Charles and Lynn Smith M.D.
New Orleans Louisiana
Dr Constance R. Chu M.D Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA
Jeff Woods, Houston ,TX
Jack De Niro Realty
Snow Polo Aspen, Roaring Fork Polo Club ,Barry Stout New Castle ,Co
Tim Mitchell, Collector, Aspen,CO

Corporate Collections

St Andrews Golf Club , St Andrews Scotland, UK
Stern Enterprises LLC, Leathem S. Stearn, Aspen Co
Hilcorp Energy Company, Houston Tx, Jeff and Melinda Hildebrand ,
Hilton Corporation, Shortfalls NJ
Phil Finn, Young Oil Corporation
Yankee Candle Company, Michael Kidreadge
Rupari Food Corp, Robert Mint
Owner, New York Giants, Leonard Taylor

Museums, Foundations and Institutions

Andy Roddick Foundation
The National Museum, Warsaw, Poland
Finnish Parliament
Kaplan University, Richard Capazelli
The Polish Postal Service Warsaw, Poland


Mitchell Contemporary Palm Desert, CA
Aspen Club Aspen ,CO

Mitchell Contemporary Vail / Aspen , Colorado

The Aspen Club and Spa Aspen, Co

Art Expo NY April 23rd to 26th Pier 94 – 711 12th Ave, New York, NY 10019,

The Mitchell Gallery
Aspen ,Colorado

The Mitchell Gallery, Aspen, Co.
The Aspen Club and Spa, Aspen, Co
Art House, Private Solo Exhibition, Invite Only, 1011 S Ute Ave, Aspen Co 18,750 Sq ft, Summer. MSNBC Article, October 2, Most Expensive House in America.

The Mitchell Gallery, Aspen, Co.
The Aspen Club and Spa, Aspen, Co

The Mitchell Gallery, Aspen, Co.
The Aspen Club and Spa, Aspen, Co
Aspen Glass Gallery, Aspen, Co, One-man Show, Summer
Scenic Mesa, The Buffalo Collection Aspen Co, One-man show, Summer

Aspen Museum of Art, Aspen, Co, Juried Show, Fall
The Mitchell Gallery, Aspen, Co.
The Aspen Club and Spa Aspen, Co

The Aspen Gallery at Highlands, Aspen, Co. One-man show
The Aspen Club and Spa, Aspen, Co

The Aspen Gallery at Highlands, Aspen, Co. One-manshow
The Aspen Club and Spa, Aspen, Co


25 one-man shows in Poland's largest cities includingGdansk, Warsaw, and Krakow

Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Germany and Helsinki, Finland

Prepared by Mitchell Contemporary, Aspen / Vail, Co

The Mitchell Gallery / Mitchell Contemporary