COLLECTIONS > Mary Mansfield Sculpture Art Working in Mixed Mediums of Gold Leaf, Bronze,Clay and Copper

This Sculpture work has 5 pieces and incudes it's own pedistal,which is black.
Terra Incognita
Clay,Copper and Wood
50"x 15"x 36"

Mary Mansfield Fine Art
About the Artist

Born in Colorado, Mansfield’s early life was infused with an appreciation of nature together with vast expanses of land, including the eastern plains and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. Listening to stories about her family traveling in the 1800’s from the east to the west, and being fortunate to discover pioneers such as Gandhi, Antonio Gaudi, Aldous Huxley, Emily Carr and others, influenced Mary's artistic direction. The essence of her journey became a grounded search to achieve balance.

Sculpting and painting figures, out of context, to reflect the subconscious personal and societal perceptions we harbor is Mansfield’s passion. Omitting body parts to reveal obstacles becomes awareness of the simplicity of unburdening difficulties. Her truthful lines and graceful figures embody repeating motifs found in most cultures and identify characteristics of her own background to celebrate life. “My subjects are narratives of my life experience and are inspired by the contemplation of nature, human motivation and intention. Whatever the process, sculpting, painting or mixed media, there are always surprises! Each piece is unique. My work is about the awareness and acceptance of diversity, including the process of creating.” The result is an interesting mix of diversity and humor.

Mary currently lives and works on a mesa overlooking the Colorado River. Her work an be found in private and public collections, nationally and internationally.